Traveler Information:
Call 511 or (866) 511-9472

Interactive Voice Response FAQ

How can I access the 511 Wisconsin system if I am calling from out of state?
If you are calling from out of state and wish to reach the 511 Wisconsin telephone system or if you are using Wisconsin’s 711 relay service, you can dial 1-866-511-9472.
What if I can’t find an answer or have more questions?
If you are on a 511 call, you can say ‘feedback’ from anywhere in the 511 system and you will be able to record a message with your comments. If you are not already on the phone, you can ask a question or share your feedback on the system by sending an email to We welcome any comments but are unable to respond to all inquiries.
Which highways are included in the 511 system?
All freeways, major intercity highways, and other heavily traveled routes are covered. This includes all interstates (e.g., I-94), major portions of all US highways (e.g., US Highway 151), and many state highways (e.g., WIS 29). In addition covers even more.
Which highways within the 511 system provide travel time information?
Travel time information is only available on freeways where automated freeway detection is in place. Currently, this includes the Milwaukee, Madison and Wausau areas.
Are there costs associated with the 511 system?
No, 511 Wisconsin is a free service provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. However, some cellular carriers may charge you minutes for the call.
What other information is available through the 511 system?
511 also provides information on transit services, including links to bus, rail, ferry, and taxi providers. It offers links to the State Patrol, sheriff’s departments, commercial airports and the DMV. The 511 system also provides information on the nearest roadside services available from the caller’s reference location, including rest area locations. In addition, the 511 system provides a feature that allows all users, or only users in a targeted area, to hear a message about special conditions that may affect their travel, or to receive an AMBER or SILVER Alert.
Is there a way to get connected to neighboring state 511 systems?
Users can be linked to traveler information services in the adjacent states of Iowa and Minnesota, which also provide 511 services. Michigan and Illinois do not yet offer 511 services.

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Can TTYD users access the 511 system?
Hearing and speech-impaired people will be able to access and use the entire system through the Wisconsin Relay Service (available by dialing 711 – and asking the operator to dial the alternative toll-free number: 866/511-WISC [9472]).
I am using a cell phone from another area. Can I access 511 and My 511wi?
Yes. When you call 511 from a cellular phone, the system identifies you by the location of the cell tower or switch that first picks up your call. You will always connect to the 511 service in the area in which you make the call.
The My 511wi system then uses your Caller ID information to identify you and find your custom profiles. If you have not set up an account, you will be connected to the appropriate local 511 service.
Not all cellular carriers provide Caller ID information from their cellular customers. If your Caller ID information does not show up on another phone when you call, you will not be able to use My 511wi service unless you say ‘my profiles’ after dialing 511 and enter your registered primary phone number.
How do I register for My 511wi?
New users are required to create an account using the My 511wi personalization portal accessible via the 511 Web site,

When you first access the site, you will be asked to enter the following information:
  • Username - A unique user-chosen name that you will use to log on to My 511 WI. The user name can be between one and 30 characters long.
  • Primary Phone Number (and confirmation) - The phone number from which you call 511 most often. This number will be automatically recognized by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to take you to your personalized routes.
  • Secondary Phone Number - An alternative phone number from which you may occasionally call 511. The primary number might be your cell phone and the secondary number might be your home or office phone.
  • Password (and confirmation) - You will need a password to access your account online. The password must be between four (4) and eight (8) characters long without any spaces or special characters and will be used for personalized Web site access only. Since My 511wi uses Caller ID to identify you when you call, you will not need your password when you call.
  • Secret Question And Answer - This is the question My 511wi will ask you in case you forget your password. You will need to answer this question correctly before the system will send you an e-mail containing your password.
  • Email Address - My 511wi will use your e-mail address to send you your password in case you have forgotten it. We will not send you unsolicited e-mails. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
Please note that users will provide information voluntarily. Personal information of the users will not be shared or used for any purpose other than providing Wisconsin 511 traffic or alert information. You can unsubscribe via the Web site at any time if you want.
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Are there costs associated with My 511wi?
No. My 511wi is a free service from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. There is no charge to use 511 or My 511wi, though some cellular carriers may charge you minutes for the call.